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World First! Head-Motion-Detection Bluetooth Mono Headset

Answer a Phone without a Click.

The Bluetooth Headset with head Motion Detection Function allows the user to answer the incoming call without press any key or button. Just tilt the head to answer the call.
Now you won't need to interrupt your work while your hands are not available to answer the incoming call.

Auto Speed Sensing - Waterproof - Bike Braking LED Indicator

Provide better, safer of bike riding experiences.

You don't need to rout the wire on your bike in order to get the bike braking indicating function.
Quick installation on your bike and get the auto speed sensing of bike braking LED indications right away.

Mobile Tech

Accessories,  Devices, and Apps

Audio Smart Card Reader for Mobile Transaction. Suitable for Micro POS.

USB2.0 Micro SD Card Readers

Easy Access Micro SD Card.

Share, upload your photos file from Micro SD Card of Smart Phone and Digital Camera to internet through your laptop, MAC or PC.

Module Design

Shorten Time-to-Market.

With well module design. Your product can choose the different module and build up as an full functional product and shorten your Time-to-Market.

Experience & Expertise

Professional F/W and H/W Experts ready to jump in.

From installation to customization and support, our team of professionals with over 20 years of experience
can help you build the project you need. No project is too large or too small!

Bluetooth® Mono Headset

ERT_BluetoothHeadset_w_002.JPGBluetooth® Mono Headset with Head Motion Detection function that allows you to answer the incoming call without using your hand to press the button.

♦ CSR® Chip ♦ Bluetooth® v3.0 ♦ 6th generation 1-mic CVC® audio enhancements
♦ HFP v1.6 and HSP v1.2. ♦ A2DP v1.2 for high-quality mono music streaming ♦ Low power consumption: over 4.5 hours talk time from a 50mAhr battery
♦ Advanced multipoint support: enables a headset (HFP) connection to 2 phones for voice
♦ Multipoint A2DP streaming: enables a mono headset (A2DP) connection to 2 A2DP source devices for music playback.   More

Speed Sensing - Bike Braking LED Indicator

ERT_BikeBrakingIndicator_w_001.JPGEmbedded Motion Sensor to sense the bike speed for flashing 5 LEDs to indicate the braking.

♦ Easy to install. ♦ Clip function for easy attach/de-attach. ♦ 3 modes, Day-Night-Auto, selection. ♦ Standard battery, AAA x 2, for easy access. ♦ Coin used to open the cover to replace the battery. ♦ 3 mimutes auto sleep if no using for saving power. Auto wake up if move again. Auto Power Off if no movement for 24 hours. (Model: ASBI-001+) More

Bike Braking LED Indicator - Video

BikeBrakingIndicator_YouTube.jpgThis video is introducing the Auto Sensing Speed of Bike Braking LED Indicator. It is wireless, speed sensing, multi mode, and with Power Saving features, suitable on installing on the bike and moving objects those need the warning feature while the speed is changed.   More

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