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IMD Magnetic Driven Chemical Process

Posted by: Sebahtstian on 12/06/2017 08:30 PM

Product Description:

IMD Fluoroplastic Mangetic Chemical Process Pump is the upgrade products of CQB Series centrifugal pumps. which is R & D high -Efficiency Pump based on the long time technology accumulation ,and study advanced technology aboard . The Designed Feature is small flow and high head of centrifugal pumps manufacturer, Pump apperarance and installation Dimension are designed and produced according of ISO International .All of Specifications are motor-straight ,supported by Middle bracket ,compact structure resistance ,load or upload Convenient .Inlet of centrifugal pumps supplier is made of Steel-lined F46 , moulded by high temperature in order to enhance pressure of industrial vacuum pumps for sale. Inner Rotor and Outer Rotor adopts high performance magnetic materials "NdFeB" .Isolation set used Import Non-metal material manufacture, it greatly reduces the magnetic eddy current loss . This Series of centrifugal pump performance is remarkable , inexpensive price , in the domestic and foreign many projects used and obtain recogintion,has become a subsitute imported magnetic pump first choose .

Technical Details of IMD Magnetic Drive Pumps
IMD Magnetic Drive Pump Series:
● Flow: to 400 m3/h
● Head: to 125 m
● Material Range : FEP,PFA Lined
● Temperature:to -20℃~180℃。
The industries we served including Biodiesel,Chemical, Petro-Chemical,Pharmaceutical,Water Treatment,Electrical,Sewage Treatment,and other industry.
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