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Intelligent Bike Braking LED Indicator

ERT_BikeBrakingIndicator_002_960x540.jpgEmbedded Motion Sensor to sense the bike speed for flashing 5 LEDs to indicate the braking.

♦ Easy to install and waterproof.

♦ Clip function for easy attach/de-attach.

♦ 3 modes, Day-Night-Auto, selection.

♦ Standard battery, AAA x 2, for easy access.

♦ Coin used to open the cover to replace the battery.

♦ 3 mimutes auto sleep if no using for saving power. Auto wake up if move again.

♦ 3 Modes selection - Day, Night and Auto Mode. The auto mode provides the light sensing function. It will flashing LEDs individually and automatically while enter to the dark area, and turn off the LEDs while enter to the light area. It is useful to warning the rear car automatically when user enter to the basement or tunnel where noramlly darkness.

ERT_BikeBrakingIndicator_003_640x480.JPG ERT_BikeBrakingIndicator_004_640x480.JPG
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